Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where does the time go....oh.... right.

Well its been awhile...again.
Sorry about that. I tend to put my whole self into projects and then come up for air when I feel I've made progress. and I HAVE!:-)

Let's see.... where to start...


Baby girl turned 6 and we had a Mad Tea Party Birthday party inspired by the latest rendition of Alice in Wonderland done by my very favorite Tim Burton. This one was by far my very favorite of all, beside the Disney cartoon version, of which I do love very much!

I collected teapots and tea cups from every thrift store in town. I studied you tube on how to make a Topsy Turvy Cake. Of which I had SO many things attempt to go wrong with it but in the end this is what I ended up with and it was melting due to the unnatural heat and humidity that I was unprepared for, I was almost in tears as it began to tear and noticing that someone had shoved a tray of burgers into it while it was in the refrigerator, didn't help at all, but I got all the "oooooooo's and Ahhhhhhh's" from the kiddos and their parents so it was all worth it!

I just wish I had hired a photographer because I didnt get to capture all that I wanted, trying to play hostess was more challenging than I had planned! But Everyone was just reeling from all the fun themed events and how enchanted the kids were with everything. It was great!

But we all had a blast and baby girl felt SOOOOOOOOO special! It was the best birthday/end of summer party that we've ever had! Next year will be better though because I will have a full functioning kitchen! with any luck at all that is! LOL

OH and I won a GORGEOUS tea towel from my friend Helena over at Blondie Blu. I always find myself going to her blog expecting a great and inspiring read and I am NEVER disappointed!She is a true artist and I respect her highly and am proud to call her friend. Be sure to check out her new items in September! Click here to see her shop.

My studio has been temporarily turned into DIY Kitchen Remodel 101 homebase....LOL
We bought some used kitchen cabinets at $500 for 13 ugly but sturdy cabinets. I tell you these must have been carved out of a tree trunk! LOL
It will be a long and painstaking journey but in the end I will be TRIUMPHANT. Or at least, functional! I hope. LOL

Well that is all for now and I hope to be back soon! I can't wait to share my new kitchen. This week we are finally tearing out the one counter top and one cabinet and also we will be working on making our own concrete counter tops. We've made one successfully and it is AWESOME!
I'm feeling so EMPOWERED (insert primal grunting here) All the years of watching HGTV and DIY network have not been in vain!!!!!!

More to come...