Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More photography!

 It has been a busy couple of weeks! Spring break was filled with back yard projects and outings with the kids. We hit the bed hard each night and got up early ready to take on another task. I will have to post photos of our fabulous new fence soon!

Another promised activity was an outing to Albuquerque's Bio Park where I had another High School Senior ask me to take his photo....so he is my little sisters boyfriend....so what? He liked the photos I took of her and we really like him so my husband, the kids and the H.S. kids all went to the Bio park this Sunday! It was a lot of fun! As usual! And of course, I am still learning this here photography thing, so there is NO CHARGE!:-)

You know, I am starting to really feel my age when the kids I used to babysit and change their diapers are now graduating from High School!!!! Time flies when you are having fun!:-)

These two "youngsters" are college bound and are two of the most respectful and responsible teenagers that I have ever met. My step-sister didn't come into my life until I was 16 years old and then when I was 18, I got married in a hurry and moved far away, I went off on my own rough and crazy journey and then came back, with two of my own children, to live in the same house with her when she was just 7 years old and I was 22 years old. Since then our parents have divorced (they are both good people but together make serious drama) so I tried, my best, to keep a relationship with her and for a time I was her "after school" care and both my husband and I talked to her about life and growing up and how education was important and well....now I could cry at how very PROUD I am of her. She was accepted to a major University and has maintained a 4.0 all through high school! She met this lovely young man at her side in middle school and they have been together since 7th grade! Which, if I'm not mistaken, in the world of teenagers, translates to like 50 human years.:)...well In any case it is longer than most marriages these days! LOL

They are "good people". I love having them around my children. They are both very positive role models and I see how caring they both are toward my kids. We have them both over for dinner at least twice a month.

If there is one thing that I have learned in life, its that sometimes, "Family" is who you find to care about along the way. The people that need you to care and allow you to care for them and vice versa. I am proud to call this beautiful young woman, pictured above, "sister". Indeed we are.:-) Maybe, one day...in the future I can call this wonderful young man, next to her, "brother-in-law"....only the future will tell, but secretly I have my hopes up! They are perfect for each other now! I just hope they can grow together and have a wonderful and happy life! Its just TOO cute!:-)

That's all for now! I'm off to bed. Oh by the way- Tomorrow is a PERFECT day for counting your blessings! Just saying....:-)

Buenos Noches mis amigos!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, its that time of year again. Where I just know new beginnings are happening all around me.
 I just have to walk out in my back yard and I know that I am not the only one in the mood for change!

The huge Apricot tree in my yard is blossoming. Bringing hundreds of bees out to pollinate the blossoms. If you stand quietly underneath it you can hear the faint humming of a small community of honey manufacturers:-)

Also, there are WEEDS sprouting. I just found out that there are many of these obnoxious plants trying to take up residence underneath the Apricot tree. I shall be evicting them as soon as possible!

And , probably the most clear indication that it is spring is that my back yard is getting a makeover. Fresh off of the Lowes home improvement delivery truck are many, MANY, M-A-N-Y boxes, tools and kits galore to turn my drab and sadly neglected back yard into my dream retreat garden. Well, OUR dream retreat garden.

You see, this house we bought,(paid $40k under appraisal value due to its neglected appearance) was a rental house for about 8 years or so. So there are many...err....creative fixes found throughout the home both inside and outside. It was built in the 1960's where apparently 3 foot walls were all the rage....UGH.
Maybe they were attempting to inspire "neighborly love" which is a nice idea and all but my neighbor is elderly and CLEARLY mentally ill. So with all due respect we shall block her off. No more having to make sure the back facing window are closed because a scary old lady is staring into it, no matter what window, or what time of the day. Creepy really and I do not love it. We have 13 panels to install. Its hard and very physical work but we are all willing to do it so that maybe we can forget the "creepy-probably-lonely-but-says-too-much-inappropriate-stuff-to-my-kids-so-I-don't-feel-bad-for-blocking-her-out-of-my-life" lady staring into our souls. 

 Even my teenage son was eager to help out. He is finally seeing the vision we have of a back yard paradise. And offering cash didn't hurt either:-)

 Also my little dogs got a new, smaller enclosure. There really isn't that much space needed for all of their poo. Now my kiddos- that agreed to clean it EVERY day (ha! what-ever.) can see the mess and hopefully won't have any more trouble seeing it in order to clean it up. 

So my wonderful husband and I spent the last couple of days installing a new wooden fence and gate with latch. 

Then we totally "Tom Sawyered" the kids into painting the dog fence....
 It WORKED! LOL I was even surprised that they painted the ENTIRE fence!

and look at all that "Sibling Love" it generated....

:-) Sibling Love....HA HA HA! So Funny! I so love this photo!

And with that I'm off.... its quitting time and I think something with ice, fruit juice and a fair amount of liquor is in order after todays work.

Happy Spring.


Monday, March 7, 2011

A Magical place called Tinkertown.

Have you ever heard of Tinkertown? Well its one of those wonderful hidden treasures just minutes from my town! 

 Last Summer we decided to escape the city heat and head to the mountains. Where it always seems to be 20 degrees cooler and we visited Tinkertown Museum, where a wonderful Artist, Ross Ward, dedicated his life to creating and his life's work is now an AMAZING collection of items. 

 Words just cannot describe it! You really must see it for yourself if you are to TRULY appreciate the wonderous world found at Tinkertown.

 It is now a most cherished spot for my family and I. The Children are always delighted and my husband and I seem to re-connect with that inner child that we somehow lost when we started paying the bills.:-)
Every item has the mark of being purposefully placed. It really makes me want to collect colored glass bottles and build a small Tinkertown in my back yard.
Hidden treasures are at Every turn. 

The hand painted signs of wisdom and encouragement are one my favorite aspects of Tinkertown. 
I could use a few in my home!
The one below is my Favorite I think....

All the wonderful nostalgic items leave you longing for a place in time that you've never been before.

The miniature exhibits are so very detailed! Its just never-ending joy when you visit. Each time we go I swear something new is in there. But no, its all the original work of the master Ross Ward, and he really put so much into the miniature worlds he created. Its simply spectacular!

Are You Inspired yet?

 I Loved this Medicine Wagon! I wanted to hitch it up and drive it home and see about becoming a gypsy but I thought it better to leave it at Tinkertown, you know for the greater good of mankind. :-)
 My kids were and still are so enchanted with this place.
There was a neat little area where you could make wishes, well  my youngest wanted to DRAW her wish and then you put them into bottles to come true!

This machine pictured below was my kids FAVORITE. They had just seen the movie "BIG" and thought of the famous Zoltar Machine! LOL The big plus was that it actually worked! The fortune was all vintage looking and my son still carries his around for good luck!

Well if you happen to be in the Albuquerque, NM area just hop on to I-40 east and follow the signs to Sandia Park, NM where there are plenty of signs showing you the way to this magical place nestled in the woods. Tinkertown! Visit their website by clicking here.

Very wise words from Mr. Ward.

A wonderful place that reminds you that the possibilities in life are indeed endless!