Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going local...

If you happen to find yourself in the greater Albuquerque area please head on down to the coolest shop in town! 66 Pinups!

I was happy to find the store on Facebook after passing their "coming soon" sign a few weeks back and then the owner found my business page on facebook and well one thing lead to another and now you can find some of OUR jewelry at 66 Pinups!!! Yaaaay!

The clothing is just AMAZING, all the perfect accessories are there to match every outfit and the shoes are TO DIE FOR...seriously..... also the owners are so friendly, if anything you will just purely enjoy your visit with them! 

So head on down and check it out today!!! I know you won't be disappointed!! ;-)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

some 4th photo fun!

I am probably revealing just how little I do actually get out anymore but I had too much fun NOT to share!
Here is what we did for the 4th after all the big fireworks had been lit, barbeque had been eaten and s'mores had been roasted and consumed.... yeah that's when I whip out the DSLR camera. If ya got one, google the setting for your camera and make those sparklers even more fun for the kids!!!

Hope you had a happy 4th of July! I know we did. I am glad to have been born in this country. I just sat back and thought of how very fortunate we are as Americans. I truly felt grateful for every little thing that I take for granted.
 For instance S'mores... yeah totally AMERICAN right?  God Bless them and God Bless America!;-)

With that I leave you with some fun Time Lapse Photography, its now a tradition for us. Where there is sparklers, there is my camera...

I was going for Cinderella's Carriage. So I guess that makes me the fairy godmother. Complete with cankles.;-)

My youngest daughter was making a scary spider....eww...scarrry!

My 9 year old was writing her favorite emotion....Love...not bad!

Abstract art in light.:-)
Until next time, please don't judge me....LOL