Thursday, August 25, 2011

That time of year already!

Well this is our earliest bean baking season ever! Just amazes me how it starts earlier and earlier each year! The holiday season still seems so far away in this sweltering August heat, but I've been making and filling Frijole orders this week!
Thats RIGHT! I mean The Holy Frijoles!

    We've been making and selling these since 2005 and they always seem to bring everyone such joy. Its quite pleasant to make these knowing that they will make many people smile all through the year!
  Its a nativity scene made of dressed up pinto beans- the word for beans in Spanish is frijole (pronounced free-hole-ee) so if this is the full representation of the Holy Family on that silent night then that would make them Holy Frijoles! LOL
So whether you are getting a jump on Holiday shopping or just have a great sense of humor you can find these little guys in our Etsy shop now!


Monday, August 22, 2011

New Copper Design in the Etsy shop!!

This one felt very artistic. I was sculpting one butterfly wing, thinking how pretty it was and really reflecting on how perfectly beautiful God made the butterfly that I was inspired to duplicate yet invert the wing to create the matching set. Then I connected them with a jump ring so that these wings can flap.:-)

Now you have your wings. Anything is possible.

You can find this piece HERE


Sunday, August 21, 2011

A funny thing happened on my way...(updated) becoming americas next top childrens clothing designer.

turns out I never really cared. LOL

Hey don't get me wrong, I loved sewing for my little girls, it was like lavishly decorating a cake everyday, a cute little cupcake that loved you so much for decorating it! Of which I ate up that love that completely eased any mothers guilt I may have been harboring... ;-)

I had first seen all the lovely handmade clothing on ebay back in 2005 and could never afford to buy them, so I taught myself to sew! Simple as that!

Quickly I realized, though the cute clothes helped my very shy daughters feel absolutely special, and out in public too! but fabric isnt cheap, and the outfits took me weeks sometimes and then would be worn and loved then hung in the closet and forgotten. So I decided to list them on ebay, from the advice from a  group mate, that later turned out to be a little bit of a nut job, but she was right about my clothes, people did love my creations, even if I didn't own a serger, or for that matter knew what one was used for.:-)

So here we are a full 5 years from the moment I started this journey and I feel like I've graduated. Though my training grounds on ebay were less than pleasant, I feel like that experience was needed to grow.

Here is the very funny thing-

Along the way on ebay I got much unwarranted criticism for my photographs of my clothing Not from customers but from OTHER SELLERS, my supposed fellow seamstress pals. Nice right?
There were a few facts that always kept me from giving up-

. The criticism was always from people that had average at best photographs themselves (but were successfully kidding themselves).

Who cares? This was a self funded hobby for me and my daughters, we had fun! -again I never wanted to be the next top childrens clothing designer or anything. I only do things that are fun. Okay not everything I do is giggle worthy but I do very much try to live by the code "if it ain't fun, don't do it" when it comes to my life's purpose. Sitting down all day and sewing is NOT that fun! LOL

C. sometimes I was well aware that my shots weren't the best that day but with a point and shoot camera combined with my fussy baby girls, some days I just learned to let it go, work with what I had and move on to the next great outfit. (yeah I said it) No Big Deal!

AND THE BIG thing that kept happening whenever the harsh words would come about my photography, and this is absolutely true, someone would come across my designs, be it on my website, or my Etsy or even here on this very blog and tell me something along the lines of "Hey I wish I could buy those clothes they are so very cute, but I was wondering, do you per chance offer photography services? Do you supply the outfits just for the shoot?"

What I'm pointing out is that somehow the universe was always showing me something. When one person would try to make me feel inferior it was like God would send another to tell me I was doing great, to keep going. Beauty does depend on the eye of the beholder.

The only thing I regret was that I let the critics get to me, so I would often turn down the request feeling like I was not up to par....but that was then.

I'm happy to say that recently I said 'YES'! and a new world has opened up to me.
This hobby thing seems to have lead me to yet another artistic endeavor.


YES. ME. ;-)

People like it, people want it. People are willing to wait, and they are willing to pay for it! Real money too!:-)

My always supportive husband is totally on my side, as always, and is responsible for booking my first photography sessions with the clients only viewing my work of the photos of our children that are neatly framed on his desk at work. How I love that man of mine.:-)

So, as you can see, the moral of the story is don't let the negative people get you down. Often they see something that they don't have in you and want to stop you. They might not know why they feel like that but try to forgive them and keep going! If you love it and it makes you happy then by all means DO IT!

 I hope to permanently add photography services to our repertoire and with any luck I can make people feel as happy as I have been all these years seeing my child smiling and posing and having a blast all captured in a photograph. That is what its all about.
For now I leave you with the few various photographs, that are also found on my husbands desk at work, that lead to this new avenue. Who knows where it will lead me? All I know is that I am excited to explore it! And of course our jewelry and art and clothing will still be available for purchase.

Just remember to Keep on going!


UPDATE: I took this post off  for awhile because of my ex and his baby's mama, etc. thought they would try to sneak up and into the lives of my children that my ex willingly gave up all rights to, only because he thought his back child support debt would be erased and then he could revoke the termination of rights...(yeah I saw the updated court case...which just made me sad.)  So after having previously been harassed by his girlfriends that believe his lies, I am never again going to engage with one of them, they always come to know the side of him that I do and regret their words and actions toward me. So when one of them contacted me here, clearly not knowing the situation, it bothered me at the time that one of them might use my business blog as a platform to gain information or whatever it is that they want...but not anymore, I understand the curiosity at least, as long as no contact is attempted again. They can look if they feel the need, have a glimpse, BUT never forget that it's just a window. A window that is very much closed.