Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lots and lots of changes and growth....

So many new things happening in so little time! I've been swamped. Happily so.
 Our oldest is graduating High school this year our second oldest is about to finish her Junior year early and has most of her college credits done for an associates degree. Our middle child started middle school and our baby is a 5th grader! Our baby is a 5th grader?? how did that happen? LOL

   I fear that the days of blogging are dead, though I do still see a very good therapeutic use for it but then again social media is SO MUCH EASIER to show what I have been working on and I can connect with others so much more there.

 I have been sculpting and painting for personal artwork and sewing and collecting for some upcoming photography. I think I LOVE what I do because I haven't even felt like I need to charge more! I in fact have been doing a lot of free and fun shoots, building my portfolio. Robert has began his Masters degree courses and has moved up into the executive level at work so his time is very much precious. This has been unusual for us, as a couple, married 13 years now, and I was kind of nervous at first but I am finding that we are still both very close and even blossoming in our seperate fields. Its pretty awesome.

  I stopped writing here not for lack of things to share but because echos of the past had come to this sacred space and I suddenly remembered people and their mean heartedness. But I have come to realize that the echo is just that and has nothing to do with me.

  The past 4 years have felt like a HUGE final exam on my past. Like it was time to graduate from the hangups of the past and really evolve into what I need to in order to do what I am here on this earth to do.
  I thank you all dear readers, even those that are not yet comfortable in their own skin to directly speak to me. Its alright. I am grateful for the years and the threads and the clay and the lobster clasps and the photoshop training that the last 4 years have given me and my family.

 For now you can find me on Instagram and Twitter and on facebook  or at our Photography website and facebook page.

 Or here, as I find my blogging voice rather active these days....{HOORAY!}


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Making Lace crowns for babies

You may have seen the latest photography trend, infants wearing cute little crowns made of lace. Oh they are so cute and really can be pricey but if you are like me you know that you can make them yourself using virtually any type of lace and its actually not that hard to make! (I apologize in advance but I took these photos with my cell phone late at night)

You will need:

  • Lace of any color, by the spool, not the fabric yard of lace though it could work if you have the patience to cut it into strips. I don't so I get it by the spool.

  • Freezer paper- do not use regular wax paper, please! get the plastic coated freezer paper. TRUST ME it saves lots of frustration! 

  • Liquid Fabric Stiffener. I use Stiffy fabric stiffener by Plaid that I get at Hobby Lobby

  • A sponge brush or paint brush
  • Hot glue gun

Now depending on what size you want you will be cutting your lace in a length that will work for the size that you wish. An average newborns head circumference (according to the google) is about 14inches around so if you are making it for a newborn you may want to make it a bit smaller so it will rest just on the top of their precious heads not so much to wrap around their heads- understand? Unless that is what you want.

You can also make this for older children or for yourself!

So once you decide your size cut the length of lace that you want

Then lay the lace straight as you can on the freezer paper.  Now you dip your sponge brush or paint brush into the liquid fabric stiffener and gently dab it onto the lace, making sure you really get it into each little nook and cranny. Turn over the lace and do it again.

Now let it dry for an hour or two.

 You are looking for it to be firm yet able to bend it into a circle evenly. If it is way too pliable or if you would like it to be more sturdy then you can repeat the dabbing of liquid stiffener again and then let it dry again for another few hours or overnight.

 Once its completely dry you simply bring the ends to where they just cross over and form a circle and you hot glue the ends together.

  Make them any circumference that you want! You can also add small comb or clip for people with lots of hair that wish for their crown to stay put.

 See how cute they look on the baby! ( I used one of the ones I made above for this photo below!)

 Also you can add rhinestones or beads with the hot glue to add a little bling to the crown! Or even add some glitter to it after adding fabric stiffener, while its drying! That might be fun!

IN any case these are too much fun and can be used for many purposes. Experiment and have FUN!

So there you have it. How to make crowns using lace. Happy crafting!!