Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its that time of year again...

Time for FRIJOLES!!! The Holy Frijoles that is!

We have been making these since 2005 they started out of a gift made for my father in law. He thought it was so cute that we had to make more for him to give and then people kept asking where they got theirs so we started selling them! Now they are our best selling item! Though seasonal, they just seem to spread happiness to everyone and are the perfect little gift to give to everyone with a good sense of humor.

We got our first orders of the season recently, which always tells me its time to pull out the sweaters, get the ingredients for baked goods and buy the warm drinks like cider and cocoa and my personal favorite herbal tea (I know, I'm so incredibly exciting.) The Holiday season is officially underway when these guys start getting packaged and shipped!:-)

Lately I have been working with polymer clay again, making these little guys:

and I sold out in my Etsy shop pretty quick so I made a fresh batch today and there is more for everyone! Check out the full set here!

Happy Fall everyone! Yaaaaay!!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glitter birds

I have been a busy girl. Not so much working but dreaming and spending time re-learning the love of creating for myself. I often wake up early, mostly due to school starting, going out side and viewing the sky with the first glimpse of sunlight of the day touching it. It is magnificent.

Recently I have found some wonderful feathery friends that seemed to be begging me to dress them up for their new homes in my studio.

I have also had my daughters sit and create some glittered feathered friends with me and we had such fun creating these guys, all with very interesting personalities and lives that they lead.

We lovingly call them "Glitter Birds"

My teenage step sister even gasped when she saw them and quickly arranged a date where she would come and make some too! So this summer I bought the supplies and she bought the pizza and we sat with my kids and made dozens of glitter birds.

They start from simple already formed birds made of some sort of foam and real feathers that I found in the floral department of my favorite local craft store. Using tissue white glue, paper, glitter, rhinestones and anything else we could find to make these guys a fun and sparkly as possible!

The great part about these birds is that they have a tiny wire coming out of their bottoms that we just formed into a circle and wear them like rings. From far away it looks as if some magical bird has landed on our finger and tweeting the most interesting secrets to us. Or at least we like to pretend that is what it looks like.:-)

So go now... away from the computer and get lost in imagination. Make something glittery and lovely and enjoy!