Saturday, November 16, 2013

Now for the Return...

So I've decided to reopen the blog! I keep myself real busy in other social media but my heart just longs for  blogging. There is not much more to say about it. I just miss it!

  Sooo we took a long break from working our Art Of The Craft Studios shop on Etsy and put most of our energy into our passion for photography and opened Art Of The Craft Studios Photography and it was a HUGE success!! Huge I tell ya, it even surpassed my wild imagination, and that can be pretty wild. :-) I found myself making props and scheduling this, working around that, sewing this, painting that, ordering this, contacting this person or that person then one day it hit me.... I am FINALLY pulling all of my talents and desires for creativity into one! How exciting it was! AND getting paid to do it. I tell ya, there is no greater joy then that.

 So lately I have gotten lots and lots of questions like "how did you make that?" and "Oh where did you get this?" when I show up with props on my photography gigs, even selling some of my handmade props on occasion at the photo shoot. Being that we don't have a brick and mortar studio, we often shoot on location or outdoors and most recently in our new home studio. Its small but it works! Now that its cold outside it is necessary.
 Last year we worked ourselves into exhaustion and are now more wise and more careful as to which jobs to take and also how to 'unplug' after a full day. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do. But I have always had trouble letting go of the day when it comes time to rest. But no more of that, Robert and I both have changed our priorities and are both committed to not letting stress go too far within. I am so glad I have him by my side in this life, I tell ya I could not and would not like to imagine what it'd be like without him! So we both agree that putting time back into our Etsy shop is good for us both! 

 Anyhoo, I though I would re-open this blog to be all about our handmade props, jewelry and clothing, also offering them for sale in our Etsy shop and showing them here in more detail. Also I will be showing the creation of some in photos, from start to finish, in order to INSPIRE others to try it! Yes it will be ALL about the art of the craft!! Just like our business namesake! Oh how excited I am about this!

 So I do hope you will join me in this new adventure here! Get your glue guns ready folks its going to get crafty around here!