Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garden Happiness!

Its that time of year again! Warm and sunny JUNE, when I tend to really lose track of time whilst I work in my garden! I have been waiting for a good back yard to grow anything and everything I can!

We bought this house with what in all appearances was a SAD and NEGLECTED back yard. But to us, we saw a blank canvas. A chance to create whatever garden wonderland we wanted.

Oh and the best part is the Organic fruit and vegetables! I LOVE watching them grow and there is something so wonderful about plucking a ripe fruit or veggie and eating it within minutes of harvest. I swear you can feel the warmth of the sun on your tongue and in your very soul! LOL

 Here is this years garden so far:
Dahlias! My new favorite flower!

Roses, I just can't get tired of them;-)

I am anxiously awaiting this baby to open! Mammoth Dahlia

Pumpkins!!! YAAAY!!

Pickling Cucumbers!


NM Chile! Extra EXTRA Hot!!

Sweet peas

Already harvested some of these delicious Peas! Makes me so glad that I am impatient! LOL


They are small but DELICIOUS!

Our HUGE Apricot tree is getting ready to shower us with delicious fruit!
Oh I am just in organic heaven! LOL I LOVE this stuff!! But it wasn't all fun and games. All of us here have had to work REALLY hard to get it looking as good as it does and actually have things grow here.
Let me share some before and After photos, so you can REALLY see the difference!

 Here is our back yard when we first moved in about  a year and a half ago.

And here is our back yard the way it is right now! ;-)

SO you SEE? ANYTHING is possible, if you are willing to have some patience and put in a whole lot of love into your dream. It will happen!:-)

Ponder that whilst you get a sneak peek at what is in the works for Art Of The Craft Studios

I paint on jeans, therefore I AM.

oh and I also sew, so yeah.....like I said above....therefore I AM.;-)

On that note I bid you good day.....




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